Why Barog Should be on your 2019 bucket list

Tired of the known trails? Seeking to get away to a new destination off the touristy charts? Escape the hustle-bustle of cities and indulge in an incredible experience in this lesser-known town in Himachal: Barog. Avoiding crowds, boasting of its raw natural beauty, and a historical treasure on its own, the old-fashioned town of Barog is just a 2 hour drive from the face of modern Indian cities, Chandigarh.

2019 is a great time for the traveler in you to be a bit bold, and to find yourself in destinations that you hadn’t considered before. Savvy travelers know how to plan ahead for their vacations, and planning ahead first and foremost means knowing where to go next!

1. Visiting Barog is possible, well within your reach!

Being a 2-hour drive away from Chandigarh, with Kasauli being merely 40 minutes away and tourist-favourite Shimla being just 2 hours away, Barog holds the potential to offer the thrill of a relaxing getaway (with some added cherished memories). Nearby places: Shimla, Nahan, Kasauli, Jatoli, Rajgarh and Solan

2. Barog Railway Station

Titled a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this railway station is undoubtedly a historical treasure. WIth the toy trains frequenting the station through a historic path carved through the mountains, passing through scenic valleys, exposing views of ethereal beauty, Barog Railway Station is sure to make you forget buzzing cities. (Oh, and don’t forget to try the cutlets, soup, chhole-kulche.. ahem, ‘snacks’ here)

3. The cantonment town of Dagshai (Jail, Museum and Church)

One can actually relive the days of the bygone era here. The slow, soothing pace of Dagshai makes your forget the concept of time, sending you away to a world of its own.  With:

a cellular jail where Mahatma Gandhi spent a night

an amicable Church calm enough to send you into a meditative zone

and a storage yard converted (with the help of the Army) to a museum containing a thought-provoking vast collection of history of Dagshai, dating all the way back to the British era . Dagshai may appear oddly familiar to Western visitors.

4. Dolanji Bon Monastery

Epitome of tranquility, filled with serenity and bliss; built in 1969 by Abbot Lungtog Tenpai Nyima, the Dolanji Bon Monastery is sure to transport you to a different era filled with calmness. The place seems to radiate peace all  round. It is run by the Yungdrrung Bon Monastic Center and lies 15 km away from Barog. During your visit to Barog, reserve a few hours for the bliss of this monastery to refresh your senses.

Serenity and city are two diametrically opposite concepts, which however, get belied in the ‘town beautiful’, Barog. The town hasn’t been popularised yet and sees considerably lower volumes of tourists compared to its overcrowded counterparts. Enjoy the lesser pleasures of life in the picturesque town. If you seek to escape the demanding city life, the town definitely goes for a rejuvenating aura.

Go for walks through towering pine trees and rolling hills with the chirping birds for company. The pure mountain air helps you discover inner peace.

Travelogues often skip Barog. But after all.. Columbus wouldn’t be Columbus if he had stuck to taking the same journey again and again, right?